On the way to Vernal Falls
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Let me know when we get there

Being curious opens doors. Wondering what the lyrics to a Muse song mean, when it’s not in your native tongue, might inspire you to learn another language. Wondering where to have dinner in Paris might lead you and one of your bestest friends to the most amazing crepes you’ve both ever had in your life. By not opening doors, we limit and close ourselves to the … Continue reading Let me know when we get there


Streets of Paris: 11, rue des 3 Couronnes

As I stepped through the wall, one of the gentlemen inside handed me a leaflet, explained where I was and invited me to take as many photos as I wished, before sitting down for lunch with the other gentleman seated at the table. There I stood. Facing Dante. After fumbling with my camera, I took a step back and realized no amount of photos could … Continue reading Streets of Paris: 11, rue des 3 Couronnes

Paris street art

Cache-cache Paris: TKO on a 1-2 punch

Dear Paris, I am down.for.the.count!  First, you greet me with Je t’aime in the morning, then you give me Alice in the evening!  And so many goodies in between! It could kill me getting to know you.  I can see the headlines now, “American dies in Paris distracted by street art”.  The first sentence would read, “American woman, who accidentally walked back into traffic, dies … Continue reading Cache-cache Paris: TKO on a 1-2 punch

Paris street art

Cache-cache Paris: J’EXISTE.

Dear Paris, I haven’t stopped thinking about you since the last time we saw one another.  I can’t believe that we’re in each other’s arms again.  It feels like old times. Playing hide and seek made my day.  It was like 2005 all over again.  I even found the White Rabbit.  Thank you.  I was really hoping to find him again.  You always help me … Continue reading Cache-cache Paris: J’EXISTE.

Place de la République

Paris: To be or not to be

The first time I saw J’EXISTE. in Paris was at Place de la République, at the November Paris attacks memorial. Since then, Paris has cleaned up Place de la République, moving mementos from the memorial to Musée Carnavalet, a museum dedicated to the history of Paris. I decided to spend my first afternoon in Paris getting to Parc de Belleville to watch the sunset, and on … Continue reading Paris: To be or not to be

Une ceremonie - of sorts

Mariage Frères – Une ceremonie de thé

One of the things I wanted to do with the lovely J while we were in Paris was to have tea at Mariage Frères.  With only an hour plus ou moins before our next adventure, the bal de pompiers, we decided on the salon located in Saint-Germain, because of its proximity to our hotel. Admittedly, we underestimated the amount of time we needed, because having tea at Mariage Frères is a “ceremony”. … Continue reading Mariage Frères – Une ceremonie de thé

Une pomme chaque jour

An apple a day – Une pomme chaque jour

Admittedly my French is bad.  Very bad.  So when J and I left Paris to head for Normandy, I was a little uncomfortable. I really enjoy having conversations with people, and the thought of not being able to ask questions kind of worried me.  My French was going to be put to the test.  And to make it just a little worse, we were headed … Continue reading An apple a day – Une pomme chaque jour

Paris street art

Paris and the quest for un petit-déjeuner

Admittedly, I’m a planner, but despite being a planner, I can certainly go with the flow. However, when I’m traveling internationally, the one thing I plan and want to know, more than where the tourist attractions are, is where I’m going to eat. I want to eat as much of the regional cuisine as possible. The stuff I can’t get at home. When I planned … Continue reading Paris and the quest for un petit-déjeuner