Let me know when we get there

Being curious opens doors. Wondering what the lyrics to a Muse song mean, when it’s not in your native tongue, might inspire you to learn another language. Wondering where to have dinner in Paris might lead you and one of your bestest friends to the most amazing crepes you’ve both ever had in your life. By not opening doors, we limit and close ourselves to the magic the world has to offer.

It can be scary, but nothing is gained without taking a risk, putting yourself out there and letting the world, life and what may come happen to you. All of it. For better and for worse. Because without one, you couldn’t appreciate the other.

Experience the world. Meet people. Know something other than yourself. You might be surprised to see what you learn about the people you meet. At the end of the day, each and every one of us all over the world want and deserve to be safe, secure and happy– all basic human rights. 

So start a conversation with a stranger. Travel. Find somewhere different to have a bite or drink a pint. The beauty and magic of the world is waiting for you to find it.


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