Cache-cache Paris: J’EXISTE.

Dear Paris,

I haven’t stopped thinking about you since the last time we saw one another.  I can’t believe that we’re in each other’s arms again.  It feels like old times.

Playing hide and seek made my day.  It was like 2005 all over again.  I even found the White Rabbit.  Thank you.  I was really hoping to find him again.  You always help me find the things I really love.

My next wish?  J’EXISTE.  Give Me More. Please.

I know I made a mistake when I misunderstood J’EXISTE the first time, but I figured it out, and I want to keep playing.

In the meantime, would it suffice you to know I walked all the way back to La Place to find you, retracing my steps and skipping shortcuts to make sure I did?  I bet you had a good laugh knowing that you were at the very last place I would look.  You were always there waiting…exactly where you were the first time I saw you yesterday…at the beginning of my journey.




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